1. Assessment of requirements - Define your bespoke CRM

The first step in developing your bespoke CRM is to define the goals for your business and technical requirements.

We will walk through the following steps several times in order to define your Bespoke CRM:

  • Define the long-term goals for your business - your bespoke CRM will be an important part for your success

  • Send us all your requirements, in any form you have. A detailed document will help a lot, but usually these initial requests are adjusted once we deepen into the analysis of the workflow, of the business model, of the opportunities

  • Initial interviews with key persons: low-level users, mid-management, top-management; The interviews are usually in written form, using standardized forms, but also we will talk with them to understand what is specific to that job

  • Gather existing documents, reports

  • Analysis of the existing software (excels, third-party software, scripts) used for specific activities (invoicing, lists of clients, lists of orders, lists of employees and software managing their activity, etc.)

  • If necessary, we will ask for details for any components

This stage is the most important. We must gain a clear view of your needs.
Sometimes your long-term needs may differ from what you initially ask but we will propose you solutions and improvements for each step, show you opportunities and explain them. Then you can decide how to continue.

Usually, this step will take between 2-6 weeks. We have standard procedures and forms so everything should go smoothly.

The stage completion: We will present you the Project of your Bespoke CRM. The project will contain all the functions, schematics, modules, the price and the delivery term.

Let's talk!

Let's talk about your requirements and your organisation's needs.
We can develop the perfect CRM for you, so you do not have to adapt internal processes or reports to an existing software built on an abstract, ideal, organisation.