2. Bespoke CRM development

That is our job. We will work on a clear time sheet, with clear stages. After specific stages you will be invited to review our work and give us a feedback.
We will make the necessary adjustments and then we will proceed with the development of the next bespoke modules.

The time spent on these evaluation stages may vary but we will agree on them on the Project, so the delivery term will be clear from start.

Usually, this evaluations may take anywhere between one day and up to one week.

For example, we will ask you to test the ergonomics of different interfaces for specific functions and users. If possible, we will use the feedback from the end-user (that will actually work on that interface) to optimise the interface (remember, the end-user knows his job better than a manager - and we want to help this user to work fast, in a optimum way for that job, reducing errors and speeding up the processes).

Other examples: You may have to review an invoicing system integrated with your bespoke CRM (check the looks of the generated PDF), check the aspect of some top-management reports and verify certain automations (SMS/email notifications to clients), and so on..

Once again, the process may seem complicated, but in time we have optimized and standardized every step to make it simple, straight-forward by using forms, simple questions with clear answers, discussions to evaluate your overall satisfaction.

Let's talk!

Let's talk about your requirements and your organisation's needs.
We can develop the perfect CRM for you, so you do not have to adapt internal processes or reports to an existing software built on an abstract, ideal, organisation.