1. Assessment of requirements - Define your bespoke CRM

The first step in developing your bespoke CRM is to define the goals for your business and technical requirements.

The stage completion: We will present you the Project of your Bespoke CRM. The project will contain all the functions, schematics, modules, the price and the delivery term.
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2. Bespoke CRM development

That is our job. We will work on a clear time sheet, with clear stages. After specific stages you will be invited to review our work and give us a feedback.
We will make the necessary adjustments and then we will proceed with the development of the next bespoke modules.
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3. Final testing

Your brand new Bespoke CRM is ready for action. It's time for test-drive.

We will explain you the testing process (at this point our tests are completed), and ask you to test each module and also the whole functionality.

Once you complete the final testing we can launch it.
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4. Launch, Post-launch development and maintenance, MiXCRM constant upgrade

Once your bespoke CRM is launched, you will start using it and we are pretty sure you will feel a significant positive impact on your company quite quickly.
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Let's talk!

Let's talk about your requirements and your organisation's needs.
We can develop the perfect CRM for you, so you do not have to adapt internal processes or reports to an existing software built on an abstract, ideal, organisation.