4. Launch, Post-launch development and maintenance, MiXCRM constant upgrade

Once your bespoke CRM is launched, you will start using it and we are pretty sure you will feel a significant positive impact on your company quite quickly.

In years, while you are working with it, certain opportunities or suggestions may appear. We recommend you to save them and on your request, we will regularly develop updates (~yearly, for example).

Other modules may be developed if needed, on request. It would be great to know from the initial project how do you want to develop the business for a long term, so we will be able to anticipate and prepare integration of future modules. This "preparation" will translate in lower cost to integrate a new module with the rest of the CRM.

During normal use we will continue to update the MiXCRM platform - the foundation on which your bespoke CRM resides. We will update basic functions, optimise (speed-up) databases, increase security accordingly with new technologies and threats, add new features.

You will receive access to a maintenance and support procedure, so you will have us beside you anytime you need a quick advice or some kind of support.

Occasionally, we will meet and analyze the usage, get your feedback, and we will show you new opportunities to use or develop your bespoke CRM.

Send us a message, we are ready to develop your new bespoke CRM, built on your necessities.

Let's talk!

Let's talk about your requirements and your organisation's needs.
We can develop the perfect CRM for you, so you do not have to adapt internal processes or reports to an existing software built on an abstract, ideal, organisation.